Q: Why do the webcomics need a password?

A: The webcomics have not been published yet. They are messy, with typos, gaps in the story, etc. Right now they can only be viewed by people who’ve agreed to review them and offer feedback on the Discord server. If you want to do this too, go ahead! Join the Discord with this link for more info. Otherwise, the first public release of the comics is expected to occur early in 2020.

Q: Why doesn’t Candy have her own comic?

A: She will! Elizabeth the Compunctious is a spin off comic based on Candy’s friend Elizabeth. The unnamed comic is a spin off of that spin off. But Candy will get her own story eventually. :)

Q: Where is the Rule 34 stuff?

A: Really? Why do so many people ask me this? My characters are mostly kids… that said, there are some drawings fans have made of +18 year old versions of Elizabeth, Jack, and others. It exists. I can’t post it here though, because Squarespace has strict rules on porn. Nudity alone is OK, but outright sexual drawings are not. You can view them on the Discord server, though.

Q: Where are the violent, graphic fan art drawings? I wanna see Elizabeth die!

A: Wow, again, why do I get this so much? I can share gore drawings if there is a story, like in the Torbeth blog post, but in general gore is also frowned upon by Squarespace. Again, like the +18 drawings, the gore fan art is available on the Discord server.

Q: My question wasn’t here!

A: That’s OK! Join the Discord server and ask there! We have a great community there that can help you figure out whatever it is you’re still unclear about.