Behind the Scenes: Meat Grinder Goof

You stick your hand in a meat grinder. It gets cut. Then you use magic to heal yourself. This is pretty normal, we’ve all been there at least once, right? But for those unfamiliar a meat grinder works in a specific way, and not all parts are sharp or dangerous. Take a look at this goof of page 2 (well, page 2 now during production, that may change on release) and see if you can spot the mistake.


Do you see it? Yes? No? Please, yell loudly into the screen. If you’re loud enough I might hear you.

Here’s the answer: she cut her hand, on the dull side. Not the sharp side. 🙃

This was fixed on the current page 2 of the comic, but it’s a pretty silly little mistake. Just incase the page order changed before release, here is the correct version of the page:


What do you think of this goof? There are more, I might post about the others too if people like this kind of blog post. :) Comment below if you would like to see that!