Lore Check: Did Adolf Hitler really use the wand during WWII?

The wand is about 2,500 years old. Or at least it’s been on Earth for that long. Many people have used the wand over time, including some very notable people. But, did Hitler?


No. Hitler did not have access to a wand. If he did, he wouldn’t have lost WWII. But that doesn’t mean the Nazi’s were totally unaware of magic. The wand is like magical training wheels. It’s not the only way to use magic, it’s just an easy way to start.

The Nazi’s never found the wand, but they did manage to find a Ricochet crystal. This is pretty impressive, a Ricochet would never allow their crystal to be abandoned somewhere. Most likely, the wand user for that Ricochet killed his or her Ricochet suddenly.

The crystal isn’t actually that useful though. It’s not like the wand, able to do whatever you want (within certain rules). It can only work off “balance credits”. Meaning each time the wand is used to create or destroy something the Ricochet for that wand user gets a credit stored in their crystal for balancing that wand use. It can only be used for a balance. Like, say the user makes a bucket of ice cream. Hitler can’t use the crystal to create more ice cream. He could only destroy something…

In this case the particular crystal they found had 2 balances left. The wand user and Ricochet are dead, so those 2 are all they get. They used the first by mistake to blow out the power in the room, and the second killed a few Nazi scientists.


So the Nazi’s did have magic, sorta. But it wasn’t very good for them. They’d have been better off without it. That’s not to say no one has ever done anything evil with the wand, though. It has a very bloody past. But we can explore that in another post sometime!

Plenty of good wand users have existed too. Like Jesus Christ! (yes, really). The first ever user was pretty awesome, great guy, but that’s a story for another time.

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